Monday, June 9, 2008

My favorite "new" passion!

Photography is actually not so"new" to me...more of the concept of creating "memories" with my pictures. I've been taking photographs since I was a kid...and everyone seemed to like my pictures better than their I was always the "designated picture taker" at family events and with my friends... Now I seem to be catching memories of engagements, weddings, my flower garden and the wildlife in my backyard. I really try to have fun with my subjects...of course my favorites being my own family.

Over the years I've become more creative and really enjoyed starting to catch my subjects just being they make great gifts and scrapbooks! Candids! I love them and I hope you enjoy them too!


Robert said...

Hey sweetheart great blog except you need more of me on it

akaDebbyC said...

Hey girlie gurl! Glad to see you in cyberblog land. I have bookmarked your blog and will keep up. Love this!