Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I LOVE Autumn...EVERYTHING about it!

Everthing about Fall makes me tingle...from the crisp air first thing in the morning...and I am up the Changing of the the wonderful layered sweaters and boots you get to wear! Once it's October...I think I become a FALL Food cooking maniac...Anything Pumpkin, bread, cookies, pies...and anything I can make in the Slow Cooker so I can smell it all day long! And of course a "Mulled Cider" Yankee Candle on the stove....Perfect! I can small Autumn already!


akaDebbyC said...

UGH, don't talk about fall, or colder weather or the changing of the leaves. I don't like fall. Maybe I should make one of your yummy fall recipes and then it'll be better. Maybe I should buy a yankee candle for MY stove? I hate the cold... I. LOVE. SUMMER!

Sweet 'n Simple Blog Design said...

Lynette, I jumped through a few hoops and found you :). This is Shera from Sweet 'n Simple Design, you contacted me, but I don't think my emails are getting to you.

I'd be happy to bless you with a blog design! Send me an email at sweetnsimpledesign at gmail dot com.